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Present Tense

“I can’t wait for the next Parker & Coe thriller.”
          ~Cindy Gerard, New York Times Bestselling Author


After Zach and Kelsey go into the bounty hunting business together, Kelsey handles her first solo gig—a simple babysitting job transporting a bail-jumping con man from Houston to L.A.

But to Kelsey’s surprise, this particular con man has ties to her past—and a very deadly target on his back. Before she knows it, she’s stranded in the woods with a man she isn’t sure she can trust, and a gang of dangerous mercenaries on her tail…

“The new Parker & Coe series is fast, sexy and damned fun! Don’t miss a single one!”
          ~Debra Webb, USA Today Bestselling Author

Available for pre-order!


Identity Unknown

“An amazing, sexy roller coaster ride…”
          ~Tara Janzen, New York Times Bestselling Author


All graduate student Kelsey Coe wants after a hard day of school and work is some much needed sleep. But Zach Parker–former deputy U.S. Marshal turned bounty hunter–has different ideas. He’s gotten a tip that Kelsey’s a wanted fugitive and he aims to take her in for a nice hefty reward.

But when the bullets start to fly on a bus ride home, a simple case of mistaken identity soon finds Zach and Kelsey running from some very dangerous men. Men with guns who want Zach Parker out of the picture–and Kelsey Coe dead.

“I can’t recommend this book highly enough. And I can’t wait for the next Parker & Coe thriller.”
          ~Cindy Gerard, New York Times Bestselling Author

 “The new Parker & Coe series is fast, sexy and damned fun! Don’t miss a single one!”
          ~Debra Webb, USA Today Bestselling Author

Available for pre-order.


Internal Affairs

“4 Stars. Matthews handles complex family dynamics, psychotic characters and the destruction of a criminal empire with deft strokes.”
          ~RT Book Reviews


When the call came in over the radio, Sheriff’s Deputy Rafe Franco thought he would be responding to a typical domestic dispute. But he didn’t know that the perp was St. Louis’s most notorious mobster—or that the victim was his college sweetheart, Lisa Tobin.

Now, as Rafe is drawn into a web of crime and danger, he discovers that his feelings for Lisa are stronger than ever. And her three-year-old daughter, Chloe, is melting his heart in ways he’d never imagined possible. But Lisa’s ex is a powerful sociopath who will stop at nothing to get her back—or destroy her. As Rafe’s instincts as a man battle with his duty as a cop, he’ll do anything to ensure their survival…and their future as a family.

A Wanted Man

“4 Stars. From the first violent chapter to the final page, Matthews keeps the surprises coming and the tension ratcheted up.”
          ~RT Book Reviews

A Wanted Man CoverNothing would stop U.S. Marshal Harlan Cole from capturing an escaped fugitive. Not even being forced to work side by side with his ex-lover, Wyoming Deputy Callie Glass, on a murder investigation. Harlan knows the case will open old wounds, but none as raw as the ones he inflicted on Callie long ago.

Still, establishing an amiable partnership is vital if they are to complete their assignment. But the fury in her eyes and the fever in his blood prove too lethal a combination. The deeper they ride into the mountains on a manhunt, the more Harlan has to protect Callie from the chilling secrets of her past. Sensing the rekindling of an old flame, Harlan establishes one goal: keeping Callie alive long enough to win her back.

Waterford Point

Gothic suspense with tones of the paranormal elevates . . . a neatly plotted story.”
          ~RT Book Reviews

waterford point coverThe perfect getaway was what Rachel Hudson expected, not a real-life mystery that could become her next bestseller. Escaping California for Waterford Point, Maine, was supposed to be all rest and relaxation. But instead of breakfast in bed, Rachel experienced night terrors, and woke to the cries of the Weeping Willow….

Nick Chavaree didn’t like two things: chasing ghosts, and out-of-towners snooping around. Rachel didn’t want to tangle with the sheriff, but found it hard to stay away. Despite Nick’s picture-perfect scowl and reprimands, there was more going on beneath the surface, and it needed further investigation. And what she found was a courageous hero who would give her something better than a storybook ending.

Man Undercover

“Great suspense with a colorful cast of characters and enough red herrings to keep the pace snappy.”
          ~RT Book Reviews

Man UndercoverA cabin in the Colorado mountains promised Tara Richards a break from reporting…until a stranger sent her life into a tailspin. Rough and tumble in those blue jeans, Matt Hathaway brought trouble to her door. There was no mistaking the pistol tucked at his waist, or his urgent need for a hostage.

Deep undercover, Matt had less than a day to stop a bombing, and Tara was his last lifeline. Entrenched in the biggest story of her career, Tara could control her own destiny, but not the man by her side. After all, he promised the most thrilling night of her entire life!

Body Armor

An exciting Christmas themed thriller!

body armorIf last-minute shopping isn’t killer enough, Santa is! When Anna Sanford is attacked by a vengeful Saint Nick, a mystery man saves her life. But the real mystery isn’t why this man, Brody Carpenter, pledges to protect Anna through the holidays—it’s why he left her in the first place …and why she never told him she was pregnant with his child.

In four turbulent years, he’d transformed from local sheriff into an international bodyguard for hire—and Anna is in serious need of protection. Brody wants to help her put her life back together, but dodging bullets is easier done than dodging the past… especially when she is about to give him the ultimate Christmas surprise….